Evaluation & Assessment Mechanism


Importance of Evaluation


Now a days, education has multifold programs and activities to inculcate in students a sense of common values, integrated approach, group feelings, community interrelationship leading to national integration and knowledge to adjust in different situations. Evaluation in education assesses the effectiveness of worth of an educational experience which is measured against instructional objectives.

  • Evaluation helps us to know whether the instructional objectives have been achieved or not. As such evaluation helps to plan for better strategies of education.
  • Education at MAIS is child-centered. So, a child’s abilities, interest, aptitude, attitude are to be properly studied so as to arrange instruction accordingly.It helps a teacher to know his pupils in details.
  • We evaluate to help in setting, refining and clarifying the learning objectives.
  • The parents are eager to know about the educational progress of their children and evaluation alone can assess the pupils’ progress from time to time.
  • Evaluation is quite essential for promoting pupil growth. It is equally helpful lo parents, teachers and students

School Assessment Policy

  • The entire Academic Year has been divided into two terms:

(1)  Term-I (Mid Term)

(2)   Term-II ( Final Term)

  • Each term has one Periodic Test followed by Term Examination.
  • Two Periodic Test and two Term Exams are conducted in an Academic Year.
  • Each term has two area

i)      Scholastic Area

ii)     Co- Scholastic Area

  • Besides these exams there are three different categories on which students will be evaluated once in a term.

(1)  Note Book – ( Handwriting neatness, maintaining notebook with index and date,Work completion)

(2)  Subject Enrichment – (Activity done in the class, Weekly test performance)

(3)  Project- Topic wise project (individual or in group)

·         Surprise Test will be conducted once in a week.