Academic Policy & Culture


Policies helps us to define rules & regulations, procedures & protocols for schools. All of these are necessary to help a school run smoothly and safely and to ensure that students receive a good quality education.


Our School has Policies to establish Rules and Regulations, to guide an acceptable behavior and ensure that the school environment is safe for Students, Teachers and School staff. Our policies help us in creating a productive learning environment.

Rules and Regulations

In order for rules and regulations to be in place and enforced, policies are created often by the school board. Having these policies in place means there are determined procedures for how school operations are handled, down to every minute detail, so that educators, staff and students know what is expected and can act accordingly. This saves time, prevents confusion and unifies the school.

Safe Learning Environments

Students, teachers and staff members deserve to feel physically and psychologically secure in their environment. In order to create this environment, policies are created and instated that establishes safety standards for the physical environment and mental state of students and staff. This is done by enforcing policies such as fire drills, anti-bullying policies and protection of mental health guidelines.

Setting Goals and Establishing Productivity

For an institution to encourage higher learning, we have policies that establishes goals as set forth by the school board. Our policies establish standards that Hold of school and educators accountable to the parents. This is important for relating education to the community and making it responsible to the larger world. Accountability through the use of goal-oriented policies ensures that students are receiving a valuable education.